We took a  week to cruise the beautiful San Juan Islands.  Unfortunately, the weather was a little questionable at the outset of our trip---which is very unusual for this time of year.  However, we did manage to see some Orcas from afar.

We sailed and motor sailed up the coast occasionally stopping in little fishing ports for the night.  Unfortunately, not all nights ended with peaceful travels and lovely sunsets.   

During our last night offshore, we faced a strong northwesterly (30 knot winds, a short choppy sea, and large building well).  As another gale was around the corner, we pushed on to Puget Sound.  The next morning, we were impressed by the number of krill on our deck.


Sailing to the Ends of the Earth

Port Ludlow marina has been the staging ground for a couple of our past adventures to the north.  We thank the marina staff for looking after Thor when we had to attend to business in CA and FL. 

Rising early in the morning, we headed out through a foggy gate.   We will be missing this beautiful bridge, the great people, and Bay with its rich maritime history.

Popeye, the one-eyed harbor seal mascot of Friday Harbor, was till alive and well.... and still begging for handouts. 

In April, it was finally time to take some time off.  Over the next couple of years, we hope Thor will have a lot of miles under the keel.  Our last night in the Bay area we spent on the Sausalito anchorage.   The San Francisco fire brigade  provided a watery show that we took to be a good omen and a fitting farewell to over a decade living near the Bay.  

In Puget Sound, we have always been impressed with the other metal boats!

The first few hours out of SF Bay were very calm.  We nearly bumped into this sleeping 5ft diameter fella.  Along the way, we saw a handful more but not the scores of  sunfish we saw a couple of years before.