We were treated to the Batabano-- the Carnival of the Cayman Islands which took place just along the waterfront. 

From Panama, we headed directly north to the Cayman Islands.  There were multiple reports of pirating off the coast of Nicaragua so we stayed well off shore.    The trade winds provided us a good sailing breeze for the majority of the passage.   Before long, we were anchored off Georgetown, surrounded by 'windex-like' water.    

Thor is now at home on her dock in Punta Gorda, Florida waiting for her next big adventure.    Perhaps Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,  and Greenland next summer?


Sailing to the Ends of the Earth

We enjoyed many a sunset in the Caymans, but before long, it was time to head north to Florida.  While we both felt it was time to start work on our home in Punta Gorda, Florida, neither of us wanted the adventure to end.

While we spent most of our time exploring the reefs just below Thor which teemed with coral, fish, and conchs,  we also ventured around the island and spotted a few blue iguanas.